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My son wanted a Redi Set Go for Christmas.

I ordered a “Redi Set go” item directly from the manufacturer (see original cost $56.85). Then they offer free items AFTER you have checked out and confirmed your order and your price, and then they add shipping and handling and fees to your order AFTER you select the free item, BOOSTING THE COST $15. Any mention of additional fees for the free items, if there is one, is way below the scroll bar, and well hidden.

I called the company at (5:13PM EST Dec 10,2009) immediately after seeing the bogus charges but was told that I had to wait 24 to 48 hours to for the item to enter their processing system before I could cancel the order, since it was not visible in their system. However, I saw the order confirmation by email with 10 minutes. I called the company at 9AM Dec 11, as soon as the lines were open to cancel the order, but was told the order was in process and could not be cancelled. I told them I would not pay for the items and had contacted my credit cards. I was told they would “try” to cancel the order but if it is shipped to refuse shipment. However, as I read what others are experiencing with this company, their practice is to deny the return or to continue to deduct the shipping charges, or worse. Apparently they continue to charge your credit card for memberships in the “free” recipe club after you have asked to be removed from their subscriptions. Apparently you have to cancel your credit card to stop being charged.

See here for many similar tales of woe:



I HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH DECEPTIVE CHECK OUT PROCEDURES IN MY LIFE. I work in Internet development and have worked on the web for 10 years. The link at the bottom shows that not only do they have deceptive practices; they continue to charge customers for products they do not want after they have gotten their credit card numbers. They operate out of the Philippines. I have filed a complaint with the FTC. But this problem needs more investigation. The Company is called: Gaiam Americas, Inc. No address given.



/ ¨Xpress Redi-Set-Go Cooker w/ 3 FREE GIFTS SKU:05-53712
Sub Total: $39.90
Estimated US S&H*: $16.95
Total w/ Est. S&H**: $56.85

AFTER SELECTING FREE ITEM – Automatically charged extra.


Xpress Redi-Set-Go Cooker w/ 3 FREE GIFTS ¨SKU:05-53712 ¨1 $39.90
Cathy’s Easy Eatin’ Recipe Club XPRESS ¨SKU:05-53866 ¨1 $9.95 $
Sub Total: $49.85
Shipping & Handling*: $21.90
Order Total: $71.75BRB


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  • Ocie says:

    I was also ripped off by these scam artist.I ordered the rediset go buy one get one free.they failed to tell me that the second set didn’t come with spatula or other pans.I was charged $71.53 in Nov then today I was charged $19.95 for what I don’t know I will contact the better business bureau

  • Ted says:

    I purchased one of these units, almost burnt my house down. Was using it as directed, smell plastic burning, went into kitchen and found the bottom had burnt out of the unit and was burning my counter. I contacted them, they sent me new unit and stated send estimate and they pay for counter. Submitted estimate for counter and one year later, still nothing from them. The new unit, the teflon is coming off, so I would recommend finding one made by another manufacturer.

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