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Christmas in April?

I realize this is a bit late for a Christmas Tacky Post, but we had a late snow in April and came by this house that still had its Christmas decorations up…




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  • Lucky Joestar says:

    Actually, some scholars believe that Jesus’s true birthday was April 17, so I think this family may be onto something. No reputable historian will say that Jesus was born on December 25, which is during the rainy season in Israel, where Bethlehem is located. Shepherds kept their flocks inside during this time, not out in the pastures as they did during the birth of Jesus. The Roman Church pushed the lie that his birthday was in December so that they could Christianize Yuletide, the original name for the southern solstice celebration.

    • jefferis says:

      Actually, the birth may have been nearer to the Feast of Tabernacles in Oct. We just had a discussion of the times when Shepherds are actually out watching their flocks by night in the Middle East. I had previously thought that is was nearer Passover, based upon some scholars’ speculation, but the problem is that while that time frame for lambing is true for Great Britain, it is not true for the Middle East.

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