About Tacky Police

The Tacky Police – The Place to Report Violations of Good Taste and Decorum

One Person’s Tacky is Another’s Treasure. There is no accounting for Good Taste or Bad Taste. Pink Flamingos, Lawn Balls, and Blow Up Plastic Snowmen are one person’s delight. For others, the plasticized culture of Americana is a cause for shame.

This is the place to report your opinions of good and bad taste. We make no claim to speak for all – only for ourselves. The rest is up to you!

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The Tacky Talk Forums are your place to rant and rave, report violations and show us what bugs you!

Our Latest additions to the Gallery are from a Blow up Christmas extravaganza filling a front yard on November 11, 3 weeks before Thanksgiving! Isn’t that Tacky?

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